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New facebook group: Bimmers Magazine

We have today launched our new facebook group – find us under Bimmers Magazines under groups.

We will be including exclusive content in the group, including discount codes not available outside the group, content and features not in the magazine or anywhere else, special promotions and offers and also, most importantly, a place for all our readers to chat about content and what bimmers you would like to see us feature next.

Join up today!

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Mini-feature #001: Bryan Banks vs Bambi

Our first daily mini-feature! We are going to try and post a short story daily about one of our members bimmers so if you want to get some airtime for your ride, get in touch!
Mini-feature #001: Bryan Banks vs Bambi
The e39 5 series is well loved throughout the bimmer community for all sorts of reasons, including its ability to almost bend time when the 400HP, 5litre s62 is under the hood. We recall a poster from BMW in the 90s of an e39 m5 with the caption: “the closest you’ll ever get to being in two places at once”.
Bryan’s 39 is a 1996 540i with the m62 v8 – one of our favorite non-M engines. The 540s ability to carry passengers in absolute comfort and stability whilst at high speed is one of the 39s trademarks.
For Bryan however, his 5ers ability to carry him at great speed and stability was no better proven than in an encounter with Bambi. “The car was pristine, never damaged never painted, original condition and I recently hit a deer at 120mph.”
Needless to say, Bryan is fine – more miraculous is how little damage there is to the 540. Some body work around the front quarter and a new headlight and she will be back to her old self.
Testament to not only BMW build quality but the fact that Bryan was able to pull up his 5er after the impact without losing control.
Thanks for sharing your story with us Bryan and welcome to our first daily mini-feature!

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Box sets now available!

Missed an earlier issue? Want to have a complete set of every issue to date?

Then our new box set is for you – all 6 issues so far, for the reduced price of $48 plus shipping.

The perfect way to catch up on everything that has gone before; also entitles you to a 30% discount off a 6 or 12 month subscription, to keep the happiness going!

Find the box set now in our magazine stand.

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September issue – update

Our sincere apologies to all – due to a problem with our previous printer, we have had to commence utilising another printer, with the result that the September issue shipping has been delayed. Shipping will commence as and from Monday, 3 October 2016 – we are terribly sorry that this has occurred, however we please ask you to understand it was due to circumstances beyond our control.

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Transfer of membership

If you have previously bought a copy of our magazine or subscription whilst we were using our previous publisher, don’t worry – all of your securely-stored details have been migrated across to our new site.

What this means is that you don’t have to do a thing and whether you’re on a subscription or wish to buy a print copy where you have previously bought a digital copy, the correct price will be allocated to your purchase in the checkout area.

You may also receive an email from us which includes a coupon to enable you to access for free, copies of the magazines you have already bought from the old site – new site, new download we think 🙂

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Print copies now available – including a FREE digital copy

As part of our new pricing structure, we are happy to let you know that we have been able to revise the cost of purchasing a print copy of the digital magazine, in particular.

We have taken the printing costs in-house with the result that we can supply a better quality, hard-copy magazine to you that you can keep and thumb through when you wish – all for a lesser price than our previous publisher.

AND – as an added bonus, when you purchase a print copy, we will throw in for FREE (no, that’s not a mistake) access to the digital copies of the same magazine. So if you leave your print copy at home on the way to a show or event, you will still have the digital copy to share amongst your friends 🙂

The free digital copy is included automatically with any print copy purchase – so better still, you don’t have to do a thing to avail yourself of this awesome free offer!

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Digital versions optimised for your devices!

We are very proud to announce that as part of our ongoing attempt to improve the magazine, that when you purchase a digital copy you will be allowed to download not 1, but THREE different versions of the magazine:

1. A digital file optimised for viewing on your mobile phone/device; and
2. a digital file optimised for viewing on your tablet or similar device; and
3. a (much larger) digital file at the highest quality, optimised for viewing on a computer or laptop – or a larger monitor like your TV!

This way, you can choose which version to view (and also save on data limits as the mobile-device files are less than 20% of the main file), depending on which device you are accessing the magazine from!

We hope this helps 🙂